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30 May 2012

gabby king play movies ....No proof of who started rally ruckus said Nong Taik ( chik )



The presence of outsiders brought in by the opposition is believed to be among the causes of the commotion at a ceramah in Pantai Dalam, last Thursday.

Lembah Pantai Umno chief Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin said an elderly man who was injured at the ceramah came from Selangor and was not a resident of Pantai Dalam.

“Umno and the opposition cannot prove who started the commotion, which resulted in the throwing of bottles and other objects, causing injury to someone.”

Raja Nong Chik said this at a press conference after attending a “relaxation” session between leaders and Lembah Pantai government pensioners organised by the Government Pensioners Club in Pantai Dalam, here, today.

He said PKR leaders blamed Umno Youth for triggering the ruckus at the rally held near the Pantai Permai Apartment, but Lembah Pantai Umno Youth disputed the allegation.






Amazing that UMNO needs more than video evidence to even contemplate the possibility that they are at fault, but Nong Chik can then accurately identify the main reason without even a single evidence .. and Bernama quoting him without asking more.

Would an innocent party come out with a statement that there was no proof as to who started the ruckus? Please stop the thuggery.

This joker is making me sick..he is agent promotes UMNO slogans by bribe cash,services..etc. to the poor folks..

This is the kind of people we have in BN and this is the kind we should kick out at the next GE!

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