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24 January 2012

the three stooges in making.....ha ha ha ha....can do we believe the news from newspapers which spreading slander among people....Malaysian world’s first trillionaire?




A Malaysian businessman who claims descent from Javanese royalty has alleged that he has some €5 trillion (RM20 trillion) in savings, which would make him the world’s first trillionaire and the world’s richest man by far.

Perak-born Kamal Ashnawi, who heads Sierra Petroleum Sdn Bhd, disclosed this at a press conference here yesterday where he showed reporters a copy of a bank statement from HSBC London, Utusan Malaysia reported today.

The riches were inherited from the Combined International Collateral of the Global Debt Facility set up in 1875 by the world’s royal families, he claimed.

Forbes magazine lists Mexican telco tycoon Carlos Slim Helú as the world’s richest man, with an estimated net worth of US$63.3 billion (RM196.5 billion) in 2011.

Coming in a close second on the rich list is Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose net worth is reported to be US$59 billion (RM182.3 billion).

In comparison, Malaysia’s richest man, Ananda Krishnan, has a net worth of only US$9.6 billion (RM29.8 billion).

Kamal had called the press conference to refute allegations following the failure of a crude oil processing plant in Kuala Kedah he had proposed in 2005, the Malay-language daily reported.

“This is my last offer to help Malays and companies by investing in three projects in Perlis, Johor and Kelantan in the near future,” he was quoted as saying.

The projects comprise a commercial tourism centre in Kuala Perlis, a Pirates of the Caribbean theme park in Danga Bay, Johor Bahru and a commerical project in Kelantan.

They will be spearheaded by SAS Group, a group of alumni from Sekolah Alam Shah, where Kamal had gone to school.

Since the failure of the proposed Kuala Kedah plant, Kamal has spent much of his time overseas. He said yesterday he intends to reside in Hong Kong for a few years starting in March before moving to Indonesia.





Kindly note that this news came from 'Utusan Malaysia'.

I believe him because I am RICHER than him ! I secretly OWN the USA, China, Europe and I also OWN the moon ! Everyone in the world works for me ! I am the EMPEROR whilst the rest are only kings ! ....ha ha ha ha ha

If Kamal Ashnawi has RM20 trillion, I would only wish if he can give me RM10 Billion, which is only 0.05% of the total of what is available to him.... It is just like having RM20, and giving RM0.01 only...

This means the he claims to be the richest man ever in mankind's recorded history. With that kind of deposit, HSBC would have bungkus already ie a bank needs to mobilise all its deposit as loans to be able to pay the interest to the depositors and make a little profit and HSBC definitely does not have total loans exceeding 20 Trillion, and that's just assuming that he is the only depositor HSBC has.

orrrr...........He is a trillionaire all right....IN INDONESIAN RUPIAHS keeping in HSBC zimbabwe account or HSBC fixed deposits in Zimbabwe........ha ha ha ha !!!!

dont forget...

In 2006, Makna was taken in by the the so called richest Lebanese man, Elie Yousef Najim, who allegedly operates a porn business from Malaysian and pledged 1 billion in donation to Makna -- a pledge which never materialised.Remember the self made, self-proclaimed Lebanese "billionaire" businessman Elie Youseef Najem who boasted the same! He was caught carrying counterfeit US currency!

The UMNOputras will want to open their membership to him without any restrictions and immediate promotion to their inner circle of warlords.

Today we have our own boastful Kamal Ashnawi who is pledges to 'adopt' three Malaysian states!

the three stooges....1.Kamal Ashnawi 2. utusan malaysia 3. umnoputra.....ha ha ha ha....joke of the year ....i think rosmah taught him how to save money...

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