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24 January 2012

not only good at denying only, please summons if brave....Rosmah denies RM325,000 Aussie shopping spree



Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor has dismissed claims of extravagant spending during a recent holiday in Sydney, Australia, saying today she’s a victim of exaggerated claims.

“It’s all rubbish, wildly exaggerated and not true,” the prime minister’s wife told reporters today at the MCA Chinese New Year open house here.

“I’m always the victim,” she added.

Several bloggers picked up an Australian daily Sydney Morning Herald report that Rosmah (picture) had allegedly dropped an estimated RM325,000 in fashion designer Carl Kapp’s boutique during a private holiday a little more than a fortnight ago.

Kapp had told the ‘Private Sydney’ section that Rosmah “was absolutely gracious and very easy to deal with”, adding that she was nothing like the woman often portrayed by the local media for her extravagant lifestyle.

It was said that Kapp, who became suspicious of the identity of his mystery VIP customer when his Oxford Street store received a flurry of calls requesting valet parking for her limousine, said he was being flown to Malaysia next month with a collection of “toiles” for Rosmah to try on before completing her massive order of 61 dresses, pants, and tops.

Kapp added that his new muse had “a very good eye for colour and she likes a lot of prints”.

Private Sydney also reported that Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Rosmah had stayed at the A$20,000 a night penthouse at The Darling Hotel during their trip to the country.

In recent months, Rosmah had also denied reports that she had bought a US$24 million (RM74.4 million) Mdiamond ring and a US$200,000 plus crocodile skin, bejewelled Hermes Birkin handbag.

Kapp, “who has a keen eye for such things having worked for Hermes”, said he did not see any such handbag when he met her.





If the Aussie media is just making up stories, Rosmah should sue untiltheir pants drop. Then with that money can buy more Birkins.....

An Australian organization had sued Air Asia for misled information and won the case with compensation of AUS$10 million. So, Datin Seri Rosmah should take the said daily "Sydney Morning Herald" to court for justice too.

Any public figures who spend excessively shall always attract attention and speculation or even slender. The onus is on her and her husband to proof their innocent by publicly declaring their asset and audited by an independent auditor. That will stop all speculation and slender, don't you think so?

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