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15 January 2012

calls for full public inquiry on NFC scandal



DAP’s Lim Kit Siang today demanded an independent, “no-holds-barred” public inquiry to look into allegations of financial misappropriation surrounding the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), following the prime minister’s announcement yesterday that assets of the publicly-funded project had been frozen.

In a statement here, Lim said the mere freezing of assets pending investigations by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the police was inadequate and gave scant indication that this would lead to a full-blown inquiry on the scandal itself.

“What the country needs is an independent, no-holds-barred public inquiry into the National Feedlot Corporation scandal, in particular the roles of all implicated ministers and leaders, including Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Datuk Seri Noh Omar as former and current agriculture minister (respectively), and Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and other Umno political leaders still unknown.

“Is [Datuk Seri Najib Razak] prepared to announce such a public inquiry or even to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry, fully assisted by the police and the MACC, into the NFC scandal, declassifying all Cabinet and official documents for such an inquiry?” the DAP parliamentary leader asked.

Najib said yesterday he had instructed Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin along with Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister Noh Omar to study how best to resolve the NFC issue.

But Lim argued that the appointment of both Umno leaders to tackle the matter was “unacceptable” as both Muhyiddin and Noh would have been privy to details of the project at one time or another.

Muhyiddin was agriculture minister when the NFC was awarded to Shahrizat’s family. He later became deputy prime minister and was replaced by Noh.

Lim said both Umno ministers owed the public a full account of why they had allowed the NFC scandal to reach such a “disgraceful proportion” under their charge.

The NFC issue came to light when the 2010 Auditor-General’s Report pointed out that the corporation had badly failed to meet production targets.

Shahrizat applied for three weeks’ leave from her duties last week, after new allegations of bribery surfaced recently involving the RM250 million NFC project, which is operated by her husband and two children.


The husband and children of Shahrizat are being paid tens of thousands of ringgit every month in high salaries from the rakyat's money. These also should be frozen. If a wet-behind-the-ears fresh graduate can be appointed Executive Director and earn so much, without doubt there are more deserving Malaysians out there. It goes to show the mentality of those who awarded the project. To be serious about such a 'national ' enterprise, it should be managed by a professional team. What a shame on the ministers and those involved in the project who decided directly or contributed to the decision of awarding the NFC project to such lame ducks.

With opposition and public pressure ,the govt bow in, sharizat curse her luck coz not only the husband and children do not know how to run cow biz , they don't know how to cover up like other umnoputras. The cow saga are hot items amongs the rural folks, najib panicked, he will then takes credits for his reforms

Find solutions to the NFC' scandals is one thing. Finding out why RM250 million was given in 2009 and later in 2010 only the Agreement is signed is another! Is the the standing procedure of the Govt to disburse funds in haste before an Agreement is signed later?

If there is no corruptions involved, who would believe? Also dirt cheap interest of 2%, where on earth to find this rock bottom deal? Unless, DPM and Nor give a valid answer, solving the problems is another topic. They can hide, they can run but they cannot bluff their way out of this Delima and owe all of us voters an explanation. Shahrizat is trying to play innocent, but who will take her story? I am with YB Lim Kit Siang for a an independent, “no-holds-barred” public inquiry to look into allegations of financial misappropriation, anything lesser, we take it as a 'cover-up.'

Thus so far, all calls for independent inquiry has fallen on deaf ears. There are some very important Umno figures who will have their goose cooked , if there was an independent inquiry.And watch the sandiwara of Umno giving all kinds of excuses for not having one.! Barisan has gone way beyond it's sell by date.!

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