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05 December 2011

This idiot is so sickening. ....Hudud bad for business, says Soi Lek




Investors will flee Malaysia if hudud is made federal law, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said today.

He said this was because hudud was not fair to all, in particular women, and also prescribed cruel punishments for crimes, contrary to international convention.

“When our record on human rights is not good and the punishment is perceived to be cruel, Malaysia’s international standing will drop.

“Then we will have difficulty in attracting investment and even existing investors may pull out,” he told reporters after opening a forum on hudud at Wisma MCA here.

Dr Chua (picture) also said the stock market will likely fall 10 to 20 per cent once the Islamic law was enacted and would hit the pockets of local investors as well.

“When all sectors of the economy are affected, all Malaysians regardless of religion... will be affected,” he pointed out.

Dr Chua added that while the Barisan Nasional (BN) administration was “not perfect”, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak at least had a clear vision of how to improve the country.

This was in contrast to the opposition’s uncompromising hudud agenda, which would lead Malaysia down the path to “self-destruction”, he said.




Why need for us to fear hudud that's not guaranteed to be implemented as compared to corruption, coercion & unconstitutional practices bordering on treason that we are looking at every day? Whatever it is, vote PR to power first to let the country to have survival chance

Chua Soi Lek is an adulterer. His has no morality. And he shouldn't be talking about Islamic hudud law. He is a shame and disgrace to all Malaysians. This idiot is so sickening.

this fellow is the Chinese mascot of the BN coalition. Nothing but a clown in a suit.

You want to talk about Hudud being championed by PR? Ok...who is championing Hudud in PR? PAS. Everyone knows that. And everyone also knows UMNO is OPENLY courting PAS to join the fold, thereby implying acceptance of PAS' hudud stance (coupled with UMNO's claims that it is also a champion of Islam). What say you on this? Has MCA reprimanded UMNO on this matter? Even if you have (which I doubt - whimpering on your knees do not count), it doesn't seem like UMNO has listened. So, settle UMNO first and where THEY stand on ths matter, before talking about others...

Dr Chua, Hudud is not bad for business. Hudu is bad for corrupt politicians and that is why you and your entire MCA team are so worry. Same goes to UMNO and MIC.

Why don't you use your time and this free publicity and talk about how your party can improve the life of ordinary people in Malaysia. Jobs creation, more free Uni placing for the under priviliage.

What is the point of having a go at PR or DAP if you have nothing new to offer. Ask yourself this question. Why should I vote for you or your party at the next election? Just give me ONE good reason!

how about corruption praticed under Umno-BN is the way to run the country? solve the corruption issue first before you try to solve the hypnotism issues. You should stand out tell the rakyat what should MCA do to curb the corruptions? If MCA fails to solve corruptions issue before next election, you should bring your entire party out of corrupted Umno-BN? Not to stick to it and expect people to support you. Or you and your currupted partners drawn together. Malaysia Boleh....

Hello, PERKASA and Pemuda UMNO, where are you to defend Islam, this MCA president is insulting and attacking Islam indirectly by accusing HUDUD which is an Islamic law would be bad for the country!

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