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06 December 2011

najib fraudsters try fool malay........... Malay future at risk under Pakatan




Datuk Seri Najib Razak warned today the future of Malays would be in doubt if his ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) does not remain in power after a general election expected soon.

After presiding over an Umno general assembly last weekend that saw delegates and leaders accusing Pakatan Rakyat (PR) of being anti-Malay and Islam, the prime minister today told a Malay NGO that claims a membership of over two million that their “responsibility is to defend the current government.”

“The alternative choice, are they better than what is already in place? Can they guarantee our power is not dissolved or our position eroded? What about the dignity of Islam and Malays?

“We will not allow our people to be insulted. We will not back down by even an inch. We are warriors,” he said to cheers at Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia’s (Pekida) gathering here before leading cries of “Hidup Melayu (long live the Malays)!”

Umno had sounded the alarm last weekend, warning that only BN will ensure that Islam remains an important aspect within the government administration.

Party delegates had cited events such as claimed proselytisation of Muslims since Election 2008, when PR took power in five states, as proof that the faith among Malays would be in jeopardy.

Najib said today if the Umno-led BN lost power, “all our ambitions will be buried and our future will be full of darkness.”

“What will happen to Muslims if the government changes? What will happen to Islam if we lose our strength?

“What will happen to the Malay rulers if we are no longer there to honour them? What will happen to our descendants if we cannot fight for policies that protect them?” he said.

He accused PR of trying to “demolish what we have built.”

“Without having power, they have defiled the Malay rulers. Without power, they have questioned policies to help Malays and Bumiputeras, which are always questioned by them.

“Without power, they can say they want to halve the civil service. Who will be affected? If hundreds of thousands of civil servants are sacked, who will be the victims?” he said, referring to recent suggestions by DAP to trim the majority-Malay civil service.

Najib also cited DAP assemblyman M. Manoharan’s call for the Malaysian flag to be redesigned as another example of PR questioning “things that should not be discussed or renegotiated.


I am a MALAY and only see a desperate and corrupt institution struggling for survival..

You have gone all out to play racial issues in our country. YOU are the source of RACIAL INSTABILITY.

I hope that all malays can see through this. I already see that most of the educated,informed,internet savvy and urban populace OF ALL RACES already support the opposition.

Political parties come and go. I vote for whats best for Malaysia, not for whats best for BN or UMNO

Come to think of it, where the heck is MIC and MCA and BN? they seem to have just given up and gone all out with UMNO power mongering..pathetic.

The future of UMNO is at risk, just like Golkar in Indonesia, such close resemblance, but, the Indonesians had worked earlier and Golkar today is political history whereas UMNO is still breathing its final breaths.

Najib. you are not fit to be the PM of Malaysia. Where is your 1Malaysia stand? Everyday you are only talking the future of Malay. You have not even mentioned the future of all Malaysian. You are trying to mislead the Malays in this country just to protect your cronies and the UMNOputras. This shows that you are only the PM of UMNOputras. Then PR will be the better alternative to BN. I am calling all Malaysians who care for the future of Malaysia, change this government before there will be no cure. So Malaysian vote wisely in the coming GE.

Alstom bribery will bring an snowball effect to the rest of companies that they have dealt with. Tenaga, Menteri-menteri see this coming soon. How many millions again we, the rakyat have to pay for these morons politicians.

BN will not act on it now afraid of worsening what is already worse. Pakatan should bring this up again and again to remind rakyat this is the Gov we have entrusted with. We should not entrust further. High time to change them.

Believe it or not, BN will never look into Alstom bribery until we force them to do so.

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