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17 November 2011

project help cronies who are bankrupt....Tricubes named PDRM summons collection agent




The operator of the 1 Malaysia email project has been appointed as a collection agent for traffic police fines via bank teller machines and text messaging, Bernama Online reported today.

The financially-distressed Tricubes Bhd announced their appointment via a statement today to Bursa Malaysia.

The company’s 1 Malaysia email project, or myemail, introduced earlier this year was touted as a means to save the federal government RM200 million over 10 years by halving the cost of sending official correspondence to 50 sen from RM1.

While basic email is free for all Malaysians above the age of 18, users will have to pay for premium services such as end-to-end encryption and push billing services.

It was previously reported earlier that Tricubes has also approached four government agencies to use its push billing email system and will soon start pilot trials with two.

The agencies are the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL), Road Transport Department (JPN) and Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

It is unclear if today’s announcement was related to the push billing programme.

Tricubes, which describes itself as “the market leader in Malaysia in identity verification”, made a net loss of RM481,502 for the quarter ended March 31, compared with the RM72,083 net loss it posted in the same period last year.




WTH !!!!! Even collecting fine money also need SUB-CONTRACTOR? What is our gomen doing? Wasting money when they can just put everything single sen into the coffers. What about the MILLIONS used for upgrading the IT network for PDRM, all useless equipment?

Now, do they need sub-contractors to catch criminals?

tricubes is also in charge of the digitalization of our court systems/process documents. I'm pretty sure some 'Datuk' somewhere is laughing all the way to the bank.

Would you dare pay your fines via a financially distressed company. Who is to say that when the company eventually goes belly up, your money paid will also be missing (=not paid to PDRM). Then PDRM will cleverly tell you to pay again!

Is it not this company on the verge of bankrupcy and do not have a firm background on finance management are allow to collect huge amounts of traffic summons.

What is wrong with Malaysia?

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