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04 September 2011

Umno Youth launches roadshow to attack Mat Sabu


Umno Youth will lead the offence against PAS by amassing all former soldiers, policemen and kinsmen of the Bukit Kepong tragedy victims in a nationwide roadshow to counter the Islamist party’s No. 2 Mohamad Sabu’s view of the fire-fight.

In a statement today, Umno Youth said the roadshow, called Pentas Patriot or Patriot Stage, will include video and multimedia screenings, a series of ceramahs by speakers from its Speech Unit and special guests like “former commandos, soldiers, policemen and local historians”.

Mohamad has been accused of being a communist sympathiser by Umno leaders. — File pic
“It is hoped that Pentas Patriot will not only recall the history of past struggles but reignite the spirit of patriotism among people, especially the youths.

“Pentas Patriot will also chronicle to our Malaysian youths events that highlights our struggle for independence while exposing how Mohamad Sabu’s theory is no more than just a lie by those who refuse to accept the that our country’s freedom and independence was achieved through wisdom and intelligence and without bloodshed,” said a statement today from Umno Youth’s office here.

The roadshow, said to be held “soon”, comes after the PAS deputy president triggered a controversy when he told a recent ceramah that the attack on the Bukit Kepong police station in 1950, which killed 25, was by freedom fighters.

The maverick politician has since been accused of being a communist sympathiser by Umno leaders and sniped at daily in Umno-owned newspaper Utusan Malaysia despite denying that he had used the word “communism” during his speech.

But Umno appears determined to use Mohamad’s statement to woo support from the Malay electorate, among whom communism remains a bogeyman, and has now armed itself for war.

“Umno Youth feels that the time has come for this roadshow to be held to show appreciation and recall the contributions of our heroic security forces who placed their lives on the line to fight the communists and ensure our country’s safety,” the wing said.

It added that Mohamad’s statement purportedly “glorifying communists” had showed Malaysians PAS’s “true colours” and those of its political partners in the federal opposition.

“Mohamad’s and the opposition front’s act of failing to show disappointment, giving excuses and pointing fingers at Umno and the general public is very nauseating.

“Umno Youth, together with all Malaysians, especially the families of the country’s security forces, strongly condemn Mohamad Sabu for his statement. To us, the Pentas Patriot is the best way to handle this issue and we urge all to participate in our programmes,” it said.

Umno and its Malay newspapers have picked on Mohamad since he was elected PAS deputy president in early June due to his opposition to unity talks between both Malay-based parties.


Making mountain out of a mole hill, is that what UMNO youth is capable only? Please spend your energy in fighting corruption in your party then maybe you will get more votes.The rakyats are not blind don't try to cover your serious misdeeds by organising this stupid road show.

UMNO true colour is out again. Instead of focusing all their energy to reform and develop this country, they are more interested to look for mistakes made by opposition leaders and harp on in. Tell us what good will it bring to the country for going around the country to discredit Mohd Sabu speech. He merely stated his opinion and we can choose to agree or disagree with him.

One thing for sure, we cannot change the history but we could learn. Maybe Mohd Sabu has a point but are others. So UMNO Youth, please do something more productive rather than spending time and money on minor issue like this. One thing for sure, it will not change our opinion on PAS and UMNO.

Show to us, what you are capable of doing good for the country. This is what it counts

at least  Mat Sabu corrected our historical facts. .if UMNO still persist with their distorted sejarah  then Better for them to hold a Pentas Joget

These Bankrupt Nuts (BN) really have no more compelling issues to harness their energies on. Let me remind them some of the chronic issues plaguing the nation i.e. CORRUPTION, JUDICIARY, PDRM, MACC, EDUCATION STANDARDS, BLOATED CIVIL SERVICE, NATIONAL UNITY all but gone, etc.. Khairy, take the cue???

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