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04 September 2011

journalist's death...not hera but zero...become UMNOPORNO cows looking for publicity...

Don’t play blame game over Bernama man’s death, says Najib

Datuk Seri Najib Razak urged the public today not to blame anyone for the death of a local journalist killed in Somalia last Friday during a humanitarian mission organised by Umno.

The prime minister said safety is never guaranteed, even with precautions or training.

“Sometimes, even if you wear bulletproof vests, it’s not a 100 per cent guarantee,” Najib told a packed press conference at the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) base here today after receiving Bernama TV cameraman Noramfaizul Mohd Nor’s body.

“Many international journalists have also been killed in many parts of the world. You can take precautions, you can put them on courses and all that for safety, but there’s no absolute guarantee once you’re in (areas) of conflict,” he added.

The PM said it was “very careless” to play the blame game, stressing instead that it was important to learn from the incident to prevent future occurrences.

“As I said, no one can guarantee anything. If you’re not prepared to take risks, then stay at home,” he said.

Noramfaizul was part of a 55-strong Malaysian mission providing aid to famine-stricken Somalia from August 28. He was killed and another cameraman injured just hours before the mission was due to fly home yesterday.


Let's recall Star Metro, Saturday 27th August 2011 page 4 row 3 on mission to Somalia. "Mission Organised by Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers. Mission launched by its President. Mission to be led by Putera 1Malaysia Club President." No need for a blame game of course but someone must be accountable for this meaningless death. Someone just lost their son, some just lost her husband, someone just lost a brother and some children just lost a father. Lets face it that the cameraman didn't die a hero. He was there for the glorification of certain individuals and that sole purpose only.

So many were being said before the trip but till today those same people chose to remain silent over his death. The RM6m cost for the mission can be well spent in this country without having to have anyone killed. Even if we do have the excess and obliged to international charity needs, can't the money just be transferred via bank, but then again where's the media coverage right!?

“As I said, no one can guarantee anything. If you’re not prepared to take risks, then stay at home,” he said. Najib said (above). That is just so wrong!
If you want to send a team to war zone, you have to guarantee reporter's safety - 100%. If you can't, please don't send. Question here is why we still send? Is the news so important that we have to sacrifice precious life? What is so bad about getting the news from international media like CNN? Unless Unmo has other agenda.

The fact that the UMNO Baru Putera head, Abdul Azeez, is gallivanting around the globe with his nefarious activities cannot be ignored by Najib.

Or is Najib deliberately trying to absolve himself from another political stunt gone deathly awry?

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