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17 September 2011

UiTM, robbers Malay student fees


Parents paid for rooms, but UiTM hostel still being built

Parents of students in UiTM Segamat expressed their disappointment with the campus administration fees for the hostel but the hostel RM690 is still under construction.

As a result the students have to stay in prayer, sharing a room and the room temporarily, perhaps for several months.

This is the result due to defend the Bukit Kepong events in Johor, Malay students studying in Johor neglected, abused, oppressed, deceived not by others, but by the Malays themselves.

SEGAMAT: Parents of second semester students at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) here are disappointed with the university’s management for failing to provide proper accommodation to their children.

More than 120 students who made advance payments of RM690 each for special rooms were shocked to find that the hostel building was still under construction.

Factory worker Mohd Hisham, 55, said he was disappointed with the university for placing his child and the other students at the surau, common rooms and other spare rooms.

“I feel cheated. The university had promised that the hostel would be ready by the time the semester begins. “The current structure of the hostel is not even a completed building. Unfortunately, I think the students are going to be forced to stay at temporary living areas for months.”

Another parent, Mariana Alias, 50, said she was worried about her daughter as the current arrangement was not conducive for studying. “This is the main reason why I paid for the rooms. I am really annoyed and worried that my daughter’s education will be affected due to this,” she said, adding that the university should have at least informed parents earlier so that they could source for alternative accommodation. “Now, we are left in a predicament.”

A representative from the university said the project was being handled by an outside contractor, “The area where the rooms are supposed to be built on is outside the campus and the developer has promised to complete it by the end of the week,” he said, adding that the university would ensure that the rooms were safe before allowing the students to stay there.

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