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16 September 2011

old curse not dead...Dr M: I would have sacked Anwar even if advised not to


Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today denied Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria asked him not to sack Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in 1998 but added he would ignored the advice even if it was given.

In a blog posting today, the former prime minister reasoned that at the time, witnesses had already convinced him of Anwar’s sodomy crimes and he was not prepared to accept an “immoral” person as his successor.

“Even if the Mufti did advise me, and I deny that he did, I would not be able to take that kind of advice.

“The learned Mufti may be prepared to accept an immoral person to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. I am sorry but I hold my responsibility as an ‘amanah’, a trust, and I never can be prepared to accept an immoral prime minister,” he wrote.

The Malaysian Insider published Harussani’s statement last month saying he had attempted to meet with Dr Mahathir 13 years ago to advise him against sacking then deputy prime minister Anwar and against charging him in court for sodomy.

“I would have ignored the claim by the Mufti that he advised me. But the report is in the online news portal and that has political implications unfavourable towards me,” Dr Mahathir (picture) complained.

The Perak Mufti had explained that he was concerned back then that Anwar’s sacking would bring about split Malays, and that he had repeatedly cautioned the former prime minister to think about an alternative solution.

“I have told Dr Mahathir to stop (to not do it) but there are three things he would not stop. The first was to sack Anwar. (When that was about to happen), I was barred from meeting the prime minister.

“I said sacking Anwar will not have a small effect it can split the Malays...when he (Dr Mahathir) wanted to charge Anwar for sodomy, I said even I you wanted to sack Anwar do it through a Cabinet reshuffle. Put him in another ministry,” Harussani told a forum on religion.

But Dr Mahathir pointed out today that the he had been “convinced” of Anwar’s sodomy crimes by witnesses, adding that the court case was initiated by “officers responsible, not by me”.

“But supposing no court action was taken, how do I explain why Anwar had to be sacked because he was unsuitable to succeed me as prime minister?

“If I drop him, and I had no choice but to drop him because of his immorality, how do I explain to people? The accusation against me would be that it was political,” he said.

Dr Mahathir added that if he had dropped Anwar without first going to court, the latter would have likely mounted a legal suit against him and embarked on a nationwide campaign to claim he was a victim of a conspiracy to oust him.

“He would hold rallies all over the country to claim that it was all a conspiracy, a plot to stop him from becoming prime minister. Even when the court decided that he was guilty he was still able to convince people that it was all a conspiracy,” he said. Anwar was charged with sodomy and corruption in 1998 after he was sacked from the Cabinet and was later convicted and jailed for both offences.

The Federal Court however overturned his sodomy conviction in 2004 after finding contradictions in the prosecution’s case.


I always knew that DSAI was sacked since Day 1 from his position as the then Deputy PM and Financial Minister not because he is a sodomist as alleged by Che Det and his devilist followers. But because DSAI was a big threat to Mahathir himself politically, his ever devilish wish to rule for eternity and to protect his family/ sons' business involvements which had gone from bad to worst due to the then economic recession. If I am not mistaken, DSAI was then accused of being an American CIA agent, and not because he was accused of sodomy. The sodomy charges only came a while later when all else or barrage of charges failed to come into reality against DSAI including money laundering/corruption charges. If you all can recall back the time when DSAI was arrested at his house, if DSAI was a sodomist back then, why di

d the govt resorted to use the full might of the 'commando forces' just to arrest a person being accused of sodomy? Until now the govt under BN had fail to prove that DSAI was a CIA agent or a Jewish collaborator. It is indeed a very sad day/time in Msian history that all these incidents happened just because Malaysians, majority Malays are too scared/afraid to change and the Malays see that they can't seem to part ways with Umno when they knew that what they did - by supporting Mahathir and not Anwar - was dearly wrong. They had even forgotten that it was a mortal sin to believe something or any bad news just based on hearsay.

And moreover the accusers' personal credibilities are questionable! The Malays have done themselves and the country a lot of disservice by supporting a person like Mahathir who is cheater and a spinster. To me personally, I think Mahathir is really a 'sick' man akin to a schizophrenic. Keeps on praising himself, like being praised, never wanted to be blamed for anything that had gone wrong, likes lavish lifestyle, thinking that not even one soul in this country is on level terms with him.

These are all simptoms/signs of psychological disorders or mental disturbance impacted on a man who wishes to have a perfection in life materially. A man who is willing to go the extra mile just to see that what he had projected in his life and the goals he had set must be executed at all costs, lest the people would be seen as being lazy, lagging, ungrateful and what not! Just look at all his deputies - none are right except himself. Is that not tantamount to cursing, looking down on others and hurting people's feelings? For God's sake, please all you Malaysians out there just be yourself for once in your whole life. Don't be a hipocrite!

When the old man is wrong, just say that he is. Just don't give him the room to manouvre and play with your minds. Just don't let him outwit you by giving him space to influence his baseless ideological thinkings into yours, only for you to regret it later. Just look at what he has done to the country! But thanks to all of you who have given him all the blessings and support to yap incessantly. Are you all blind? Its either you are all stupid or a moron to continue on praising him.

How many billions of Ringgit have been wasted down the drains and lost while he was the PM? But he dares to play the blame games on his successors. Like I said, he is truly a manipulator or its just you all who supported him are just plain dumb! So what have you all got to say about DSAI now? So apparently according to the govt stories which are full of lies and deceit - DSAI is a gay, a sodomist, a womaniser, a CIA agent, a Jewish sympathiser, a corrupt person, a race splitter, a tyrant and what else.......? the lists go on and on endlessly.

Pity DSAI, a person who wishes to see Malaysia progresses well politically and economically are being treated like an animal heartlessly and mercilessly! And even now, he is still being subjected to such baseless accusations and also a lot of shame are being put on his wife's shoulder and family members. Shame on you all! May God have mercy on DSAI and brings him together along with all those who are the true followers of the prophets. Peace be unto DSAI here and life thereafter.

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