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17 May 2010

Support for PKR eroding – Rais

Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, the Minister of Information Communication and Culture has poured more cold water in the so-called ‘eroding’ dominance of the PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) where he commented that the party is losing its foothold with the increasing number of members who are leaving the party.

He said that the party is now seen as one which is losing its ground and relevance. Rais Yatim said “The PKR was now perceived as a party which was losing its ground while its dominance was eroding. Apart from mesmerising in (PKR advisor) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's oratory skill, PKR is losing the support of the people while its struggle is in disarray. (As such) we urge the remaining members of the party throughout the country to think hard and find a new direction under the auspices of a more meaningful struggle,"


Problems faced by PKR are all caused by troublemakers from Be End. Their evil plans failed in Sibu is a clear signal for them to stop. If these troublemakers still dun repent, God Almighty will wipe them out completely in due course.

Rais, Mr. Two Head Snake, many of us know who you are and what you're good at is that you know how to please your master and bark at the right time and right place. I strongly believe that you will come to please PKR when your days are numbered in BN.

I feel so sad as you fall into the senile group of politician like Tun Apa Nama and Bozo Hamid who simply use ISA to arrest people. Yous seems to not know what should be said and do b'coz you carry your master ball too high that they covers your eyes and consciense. You are old already, don't make a fool of yourself and save some respect for yourself so that you can be remembered well.

many of the PKR leaders who are leaving are there for personal gain and not for the party and people.Najib the idiot is giving away millions to make them abandon the PKR.They are not going to be loyal to him as they are only mercenaries.They are like rats that will leave a sinking ship.Anwar and the PKR loyalists are like the proverbial Phoenix,that comes out of the fire rejuvenated.Come GE 13 and Najib won't have enough money to throw around.He may even run away from the country to join his crony Razak Baginda after the election loss.

before i forget, this idiot have burned bridge with ApNo (formerly known as umno) with S46 and now he's back licking the mamak's balls and surviving by breathing from bigmama's s-hole.

i won't be surprised if he have been sodomised by Najis before, just look at his phucked up face and you'll say i'm right....ha ha ha ha

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