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24 September 2013

ibrahim frog that take opportunity.... but calls PAS leader “opportunist” for attending Chin Peng wake


A Kedah PAS leader who turned up at Chin Peng's wake at a temple in Bangkok yesterday was described as an opportunist out to win Chinese support.

"This is nothing more than an attempt to strengthen his political standing," said Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali, referring to Fadzil Baharom, whom he claimed was trying to win Chinese votes, especially from among former Communist Party of Malaya members and their families.

“How can Muslim PAS leaders pay their respects to an infidel leader like Chin Peng?” he asked.

The Malaysian Insider reported that Fadzil was present at the Wat That Thong temple in Bangkok to pay his last respects to Chin Peng at 7pm yesterday.

Fadzil had said that despite the Malaysian government's portrayal of Chin Peng, he considered the latter to be a fighter.

Meanwhile, PAS deputy president Muhamad Sabu had disagreed with the government’s decision in refusing to allow Chin Peng’s remains to return, saying that there was nothing to fear with the ashes of the communist leader.

Chin Peng’s death sparked a controversy following Putrajaya's refusal to allow his ashes to be interred in his hometown in Sitiawan.

The government argued that thousands of Malaysians were killed or had suffered at the hands of the communists.

The decision drew flak from opposition parties and also prompted rare criticism from Barisan Nasional component party MCA. The Chinese party said Putrajaya had allowed the bodies of two Malaysian terrorists killed in Indonesia to be brought back to the country for burial in their hometowns.

Perkasa had also warned the MCA "not to upset the Malays" by insisting that Putrajaya allow Chin Peng's remains to be brought back here.

Chin Peng is expected to be cremated in Bangkok at 5pm today






BN have to thank you for losing the Chinese support.Why only warned MCA not to upset the Malays? Why is PAS not being warned not to upset the Malays? MCA cannot upset the Malays but Ibrahim Ali can upset the Chinese causing the chinese votes to flock to PR otherwise BN could have win with 2/3 majority.

Who are you to make so much noise about this issue? Why were you so quiet when the bodies of two terrorists were killed and their bodies brought back for burial? We should be fair to everyone and not one sided. You seem to bring up a lot of nonsense issues that divide the people instead of trying to unite them. What can the ashes of Chin Beng do? I hate the word communism but we are not talking on that issue. If you are so against communism why is our government have to trade with China a communist country? Have some sense.

PAS for national unity!

"Opportunist" or not, PAS/Pakatan Rakyat are the leaders of majority Malaysians and UMNO/BN the leaders of minority Malaysians.

Surely, majority Malaysians cannot be wrong? PAS is looking more and more the leader of Malaysians and Malaysia, whereas, UMNO/BN, they are so broken, so disunited. UMNO, like what Mahathir said is ageing and will meet its demise soon!

PAS for All! Selamatkan Malaysia!

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