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23 July 2013

cow projects to fool the people continue....3 contracts for GE13 caps, to 3 companies, one common link



The Election Commission came under attack again, on the eve of the Kuala Besut by-election,  alleged that it breached rules of governance and transparency by awarding contracts to supply caps for GE13 to companies controlled by the same person who supplied the tainted indelible ink.

If the commission cannot be trusted to even follow the process in awarding contracts, how can it be trusted to oversee free and fair elections?

The beneficiaries of the cap contracts were Nash Ventures Sdn Bhd, for which Shamsia Mansoor is the director, Ayumi Resources Sdn Bhd, for which a Norsiah Yusoff is the director, and Bumi Services Sdn Bhd, for which Mohamed Salleh Mohd Alli is the director.

Shamsia is believed to be Mohamed Salleh's wife as she lives at the same address as Mohamed Salleh, while Norsiah is believed to be Mohamed Salleh's chief accounts clerk.

Iit was scandalous the way the EC did direct negotiations with three different companies, linked to the same person, for the supply of something as straightforward as caps.

It also did not qualify for direct negotiations under the circular from the treasury that exempted open tender contracts in favour of direct negotiations.

There is something going on behind the scenes, whether they are good friends or there is a special arrangement, we don't know but our's  duty to question it

The EC leadership also had to answer how come a person like Mohamed Salleh could be so influential that he could negotiate directly with the EC.

Earlier revelation in Parliament that Integrated Challenger (M) Sdn Bhd, which was also linked to Mohamed Salleh, was the supplier of the controversial indelible ink used in GE13.






very simple answer, 70 percent goes to..... 30 percent goes to.....
so everybody win win situation... thats how it goes ...

Sigh... our government is leaking monies all over the place, and these leaks are purportely approved by the treasury department, which is under the purview of Jib!

EC is totally cornered here. What else can they lies to get themselves out of this sticky situation? And to think that the top EC fellas are given fat bonuses is utterly disgusting !

If the Kuala Besut voters can still vote for UMNO/BN, this sorry country deserves all the sorrow it gets!

With this bunch of clones still sitting in the EC, how can we trust them anymore? They are worse than Ah Long, sucking blood and money from the rakyat without any shame.

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