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23 February 2013

Armed invaders no deterrent to Sabah tourism....Of course does not affect the tourism because those invaders are also consider as "Armed with heavy weapon Tourists"


Tourism in the east coast of Sabah has not been affected despite an incursion of a Filipino militia group through Kampung Tanduo, situated about 130 kilometres from Lahad Datu town.
Borneo Paradise Eco-Farm Resort owner Jeffrey Sho said they continued their operations as usual and the incident did not stop guests from visiting the resort located 39km from town.

“Visitors still come to our resort, including three schools which have made reservations to organise activities here,” he said at his office here today.

He said the resort not only offers the natural beauty of Sungai Sabahan, but also provides other programmes such as motivational camps, courses and facilities for sports activities as well as fishing.

The resort which began operating in 2001 provides attractive packages for tourists including camping packages for school students and government agencies, said Sho who was confident that the authorities would be able to resolve the case amicably.

Meanwhile, Anthony Gipson, 60, a tourist from the United Kingdom, said the incident did not hinder him from enjoying his holiday destination.

“I’m enjoying my stay here and move around from one place to another. I understand the situation and I am not worried about it,” said the former soldier who was on a trip with his wife, Iris Gipson, 55.

Gipson said they have been in Sabah for four weeks and visited many interesting destinations including Lembah Danum, near here, Pulau Mabul in Semporna and plan to go to Pulau Banggi, Kudat, before visiting relatives in the Philippines.

Police have identified the Filipino group who have laid siege to Kampung Tanduo since February 12 as descendants of the Raja Sulu from the southern Philippines






Who needs tourist when we can have armed invaders?
Who needs polis when these armed invaders pose no threat to Sabah, but one Xenophon poses a threat to our whole country? is not logical

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