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11 May 2013

UMNO better weak or dead from strong but racist, corrupt and cheating


Malay power will weaken if Umno is weak, warns Utusan

Malay power will diminish if Umno becomes weak and this may lead to national political instability, the party-owned Utusan Malaysia warned today in an op-ed piece to mark the 67th anniversary of Malaysia’s largest party.

While the Malay broadsheet continued to hammer home the “Chinese tsunami” slant in an attempt to shape the results of the 13th general election, it acknowledged that large numbers of the country’s majority race were casting their gaze elsewhere for support, notably to Umno’s political foes PKR and PAS.

“If Umno is weak, it means Malay power will also weaken and may invite national political instability,” said the editorial’s author Azman Anuar.

He said the leaders of the party’s 3.5 million members needed to address the issue, noting that Umno alone had grabbed 89 out of 133 federal seats in last Sunday’s polls, the lion’s share in the 13-party Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition and should be supported as the “pillar of power” in the Dewan Rakyat.

“Is it true the Malay fight in Umno is no longer there?” Azman asked, but his question appeared rhetorical, laying the blame squarely at the party’s door.

“In brief, the policy and action of Umno can be said to lack the strong political zeal as in parties of other races,” he said.

He noted that currently only the Federal Constitution could be seen as the “shield that dictates the rise and fall of Umno and the Malay race in time to come”.

For the party to move forward, he proposed its leaders look to the past to when the party was founded in 1946 and reapply the same spirit to build up its members’ belief again.

“The Umno leaders should now reapply the spirit of Malay unity of 1946. Do not sideline the opinion and comments of Umno grassroots. Tour the whole country to give back Umno members their confidence in the party,” he said.






Barisan should stop subsidising this garbage paper. The money could be put to good use elsewhere. In any other civilised country , the garbage paper would be hauled before the courts for inflaming racial tensions but not in Malaysia . It is feted.! This sums up Barisan and what it stands for.! ABU.!

UMNO is already so damp WEAK as the Corruptions are getting from Bad to Worst , from the Leader to the Grass Roots...Every members just want to get RICH from the Corrupted Party so how to be Strong.......???

Why is Najib silent when Utusan continues to play up the racist card? Did he not say that he is a PM for all? If he is sincere, he will definitely want to rein over Utusan. Utusan is doing more harm than good for M'sians, for Umno especially. This kind of talk will never find traction among the well informed Malays anymore n will drive the non-Malays further from BN

UMNO power diminish = Malay power diminish? You mean there's no Malay in PR?

Go on harping on race. That's expected from lowlifes of Utusan.

UMNO now is no different from Nazi.

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