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18 May 2013

after robbing zakat money ...these bandits out fatwas follow the dictates of UMNO


Jamil: Muslims should forget ideological differences

Muslims in this country should forget their political ideology differences heightened during the recent 13th general election campaign and reunite now for the sake of unity of the ummah (Muslim community), said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharum.

He said Muslims must not drag on or prolong their differences as this could weaken the community.

“Surely during the election fever there were hot issues that we were divided about, but we should cast aside all ill feelings now in order to strengthen unity which is so crucial for the Muslim community.”

He told this to reporters after delivering the Friday sermon at Al-Ihsan Mosque in Kampung Berjaya, Jeniang, near here, today.

Jamil Khir said he would be going to the various states and discuss with the respective menteri besar or chief ministers on the government’s noble intention of strengthening the Islamic religious institutions towards uniting the Muslims.

On another note, he said to develop quality Muslim human capital, the religious learning syllabus at the mosques would be restructured and streamlined to avoid discrepancies






Corruption is not an ideology. One party wanting no corruption, fair and just Govt cannot give up those values. They are not ideologies. How come they cannot tell the difference?

If he truly believed in unity with different ideologies, he should first tell the PM to accept the Shia followers in Malaysia. If not his call is very suspicious and most will know why.

If the unity of Muslims result in good governance and the unity of Malaysians, we are all for it.

If not, what good will come out of it? UMNO is always calling for unity because they know slowly but surely their Muslim support is slipping away. They are doing this just because they want to retain power and not something noble.

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