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30 April 2013

najib , before promise the change to the state of Kedah , change Sarawak chief thief first


Najib promises major changes to Kedah if BN wins power

Najib Razak today gave the Barisan Nasional’s (BN) firm commitment to bring major changes to Kedah if the coalition is given the mandate to helm the state after Sunday’s general election.

The prime minister said Kedah should rightfully enjoy major progress and development and not merely be known as a “rice bowl” state.

He said the time had come for Kedah folk to opt for BN in Sunday’s election.

“As BN chairman, I want to see Kedah progressing like other states. If it remains only as a “rice bowl” state, it appears as though there’s no planning.

“We will surely bring transformation and major changes to Kedahans,” he said when opening Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Awana in Pokok Sena near here.

Najib said he had a lot of ideas and plans to introduce changes in Kedah.

“This is not a problem if BN is mandated to govern the state,” he said.

Without elaborating on what was done by the PAS-led state government in the last five years, Najib said the BN wanted to bring transformation in Kedah, including in the Pokok Sena parliamentary constituency.

“That’s why we dare to come out with a report card to evaluate our achievements for the people to know.

“The report card means achievements, evaluation on our performance. The people can see and assess one by one. So, the best choice is to vote in BN,” he added.






These words were same even last time. He himself saying that they didnt care Kedah these many years. Our state would have seen major changes by now if they really wanted to do. We dont want you Najib. My vote for Anwar

Under BN Kedah will downgrade become Empty Rice Bowl of Malaysia

The transformation should be done years and years ago. Now it is too late too little for your rice bowl.

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