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13 February 2013

najib's scoundrel think he can fool the people ...Najib denies public money used for Psy’s performance


Datuk Seri Najib Razak clarified that the performance by South Korean megastar PSY at the 1Malaysia Chinese New Year Open House yesterday did not involve any public money.

The Prime Minister also said the public was not charged a fee to watch the artiste who popularised the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance moves.

“Just to reiterate, PSY’s performance did not involve public money at all.
“The public was not charged for watching it either,” he said on his Twitter account.
PSY’s show was one of the highlights of the well-attended event organised by Penang Barisan Nasional at Han Chiang College


Any private firm which paid for show must be lured by your famous political method "YOU HELP ME/BN - I/BN HELP YOU!"
Do not fool Malaysians! There is no free meal on table for BN if private firm paid for show! There must be some sort of repayment either in kind or ..... best known to you and your demon BN/UMNO!
If BN and Najib thinks he can convince Malaysians to vote for him just by bringing PSY,( not by government expense but most proabaly by some "kroni" who has been raking many times more than the amount he forked out for PSY), he can go to sleep in peace and deam that the people of Penang will deliver the votes to him. He does not realise peolpe despise "kronism" , favouring Ibrahim Ali as the man above law and eldless list of fitnas against the opposition leaders. Now , Najib is promising the sky to all Malaysians. I hope that you will lead BN to the worst ever defeat .

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