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21 October 2012

MCA increasingly sink....try the last lifeline support to spin the story ...Soi Lek agrees that PAS condones rape of non-Muslim women


this is  original star  and  MCA female infidelity  spin this story....!!!

Chua Soi Lek agreed today with a Wanita MCA leader’s view that PAS condones the raping of non-Muslim women, pointing out that the party’s spiritual leader Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat had made the opinion clear in a speech four years ago.

The MCA president  alleged that in the 2008 speech, Nik Aziz had said that women who do not “tutup aurat” (protect their modesty) “deserved to be raped”.

“And the reason he gave was that this is because the eye is connected to the genitalia so when you see… you get provoked.

“This is not what I am saying… this is what Nik Aziz said. I can get you a tape immediately if you are interesting in seeing (Nik Aziz’s speech),” he told reporters after chairing a special briefing with MCA delegates ahead of the party’s main annual general meeting (AGM) tomorrow.

Dr Chua was ask to comment on a Malaysiakini report quoting Wanita MCA vice-chairman Senator Heng Seai Kie as saying during the wing’s AGM earlier today that PAS condones the raping of women who do not conform to the Islamic dress code.

According to the news portal’s report, Heng, in trying to explain how the Islamic hudud law would affect both the Muslims and non-Muslims, had cited Nik Aziz’s 2008 speech, which can be found on YouTube (

“If you watch the YouTube clip, you would know that Nik Aziz had once said that a woman should ‘tutup aurat’ (protect their modesty), otherwise the woman should be raped.

“From Nik Aziz’s speech, we can conclude that Nik Aziz openly asked Muslim to rape non-Muslim, am I right?” Heng was quoted as saying on the portal.

Appearing to agree with Heng’s point, Dr Chua pointed out again that Nik Aziz’s speech had been recorded.

When asked, however, if Heng had twisted the matter out of context as Nik Aziz had purportedly been only speaking about Muslim women, Dr Chua said: “I think you missed the part where Nik Aziz explained why you need to tutup aurat… because if you do not tutup… then it provokes, you know, all these young men. You understand?

“When a Muslim man wants to rape, it does not mean he must rape only a Muslim, right? He can rape anybody… so do not spin it out of control,” Chua said




Maybe Pas did not say they condone Adultery that's why Chua Soi Lek is so furious. Sometime when this fella talks he should go and look in the mirror.

The tendency for Barisan parties to view all issues through racial and religious lenses is deplorable. Recent comments, like those of MCA leaders, clearly seek to destroy trust and cause division through twisted logic and conclusion. (Please get me a tape where Nik Aziz "openly asked Muslims to rape non-Muslims".) They have no place in the future of Malaysian politics, no matter how politically desperate one is.

Let us trust and care for each other, and prove these irresponsible leaders wrong!

Your mission is to win back the hearts of the Chinese, but instead you are making them hate you more than never

What are these low lifes in MCA trying to do? CSL better watch out what you say. Again MCA proves it is sinking.

Empty vessels make the most noise.. seems to be best exemplified by umNO's concubine's chief cheerleader, Soi Lek! This fella makes M'sia look like it has NO OTHER issues other than PAS' existence!

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