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22 July 2012

Selangor wants Syabas chairman, CEO sacked


Selangor will recommend the sacking of Syabas' executive chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) to the water concessionaire's board, citing the duo's failure to brief the state's recently formed monitoring committee.

Several dailies today reported a statement from Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim last night saying that the dismissal could save the firm up to RM5.1 million annually from the duo's salaries.

"The state government is also ready to set an allocation to build new water treatment plants to raise output capacity and will immediately call for a tender of the Mitigation Project 2 worth RM225 million," The Star quoted Khalid as saying.

According to Sinar Harian, the mentri besar had also pledged the state's willingness to cooperate with the Putrajaya’s Special Cabinet Committee (SCC), which was formed on Thursday by the Energy, Green Technology and Water ministry.

The Malay daily quoted Khalid as saying that he will request that the panel hold a dialogue with Selangor residents to discuss the ongoing water issues in the state.

"If the committee... can resolve this impasse better, then that would be very good. But if it fails, then water management should be handed over to the state government," he was quoted as saying.

"What we see is that the time has come for Selangor's water management to be restructured... Syabas is not capable of resolving this problem well," he added.

Residents of Selangor and the nation's capital Kuala Lumpur got a rude shock last week when the state's sole water distribution company Syabas said that it might have to start water rationing due to near zero reserves at the state's water treatment plants.

Critics of Syabas and its parent company Puncak Niaga were quick to question whether the water crisis was "manufactured" and a ploy to hasten construction of the RM3.6 billion Langat 2 water treatment plant which they speculate Puncak Niaga would be eyeing to operate.

On Monday, Khalid announced that Selangor would invoke clause 32 of the concession agreement with Syabas to take over operations of the water supplier, accusing them of being incompetent for failing to lower non-revenue water (NRW) to below 20 per cent and owing RM 2.8 billion in arrears.






5.1 millions annually for two TOP executives that are ineffective, does not care about the production of the water treatment plant, holding the people and the state government at ransom; they deserve to be sacked immediately!! 

We definitely support Selangor government in taking over Syabas!!

Sack them all. Bunch of money-loving over-paid non-capables at the helm. We want our state water issues to be handled by impartial, trusted and capable hands, not by puppets and yes-men.

Syabas more interested in politickings than serving Selangorians? 

It had taken so much time to solve so little problem. 

Surely, we feel the MB is correct, sack the CEO of Syabas and save 6.1 million per annum. Just what does he do to deserve such renumerations? 

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