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25 May 2012

Ambiga says ‘sorry’ for not pushing Bersih agenda harder



Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan has refused to apologise to anti-Bersih groups who gathered at her home earlier today for what took place during the April 28 rally, and maintained that Bersih’s struggle was relevant for Malaysia’s future.

Two anti-Bersih groups – one led by traders calling themselves “Bersih 4.0” and the other “Halau 1.0” – had gathered near Ambiga’s residence here in Bukit Damansara earlier today demanding she apologise for the violence and alleged property damage which occurred during the Bersih 3.0 rally.

Both groups presented separate memoranda to Ambiga, which was received instead by Bersih co-chairman Datuk A. Samad Said.

“I’m prepared to apologise. I’m 55. I apologise to the next generation because I did not fight harder... I should have so that Malaysia won’t descend to this level, that is all I will apologise for.

“It is unacceptable that the situation come to this level that my neighbourhood was like a war zone, authorities could have nipped it in the bud,” Ambiga told reporters after the two groups had left.

The former Bar Council chairman stressed that she was “not unsympathetic to people who genuinely lost money” but added that they had to weigh their incurred losses to gains made in the name of free and fair elections.

“I have done enough. There were two memorandums (sic) handed today... I want you to judge its contents for yourself,” she told reporters.

Ambiga was flanked by most of the Bersih steering committee members as well as dozens of supporters who came today to show support for the Bersih co-chairman.

Ambiga’s private residence in Bukit Damansara has been the target of protest gatherings of late, in the uproar that followed the Bersih 3.0 rally for free and fair elections.

To date, two separate groups have held protests outside her home.

The first involved some 10 traders who prepared about 200 chicken and beef burgers, and even offered some to the Bersih leader, who is vegetarian and a Hindu.

The group also promised a larger protest with 500 traders but later cancelled the May 24 event, saying they had taught Ambiga a lesson after Bersih said there were no plans for another rally.

A few days later, about 10 retired soldiers from the Malay Armed Forces Veterans Association (PVTM) exercised their bottoms outside of Ambiga’s house to protest against the Bersih chief for being — according to them — an “enemy” of the nation.

“Bersih 4.0” leader Datuk Jamal Md Yunos announced today that his group of traders will organise a 150,000-strong gathering at Stadium Bukit Jalil next month as part of an on-going protest to demand compensation for alleged losses incurred during the April 28 rally in the city capital.





the more these stooges of umno do this, the stronger the Bersih movement will become. Please hang in there, there are many more thousands of us who did not join Bersih 3 for one reason or another. But Bersih 3 and future Bersihs are in our hearts. You have our greatest support in every way. Please tell us how can we further help Bersih? When will be the next one? How can I finance it? Let's push harder for the sake of the next generation. Those good for nothing people outside your house should be halaued away...but it is typical when even the blue coats dont play a fair game.

BN must practice democracy, return Putrajaya to the people and let people elect the next government of their choice. These hooligan acts and propaganda against Bersih only acts against people's perception against BN. Wake up!

Normally we " Halau Hantu" only. Since so many hantus around, Ambiga please have ceremony to Halau these hantu.1.0

The people protesting against Ambiga seems to be the stupidest people ever. They dont seem to want clean election. They are shouting against people who are actually fighting for their cause. It is clear who is behind these stupid, pointless protest and what true agenda is behind it. Their agendas are:

  1. To scare Ambiga, Bersih, etc.
  2. To make the common public feel that many common people are not happy with Ambiga and gang;
  3. To make people think that Bersih 3.0 had caused tremendous property damage and business losses
  4. To make people think that Bersih is not worth it.
  5. To make Bersih seem like a racial issue
    %. etc

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