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29 January 2012

dick head hassan ali...busy with the issue of apostasy, but the zakat money not reach to the supposed people and zakat money embezzlement by ministers did not dare to say anything ...


Hasan Ali: Christians going undercover to convert Muslims

Former Selangor Islamic affairs executive councillor Datuk Hasan Ali claimed today Christian ministers have resorted to handing out electronic gadgets and wearing kopiah (skullcaps) to mosques in their efforts to convert Muslims.

The Gombak Setia assemblyman, who was sacked from PAS and the state government earlier this month, told an anti-apostasy rally in Kepala Batas, Penang that Muslims in the country were vulnerable to these methods due to their lack of faith.

He said that when he was Selangor executive councillor, he received at least 60 reports of apostasy including how Muslims were enticed with money and given gifts of laptop computers, cameras, cars, monthly food provisions and gadgets like solar-powered bibles.

“There were reports of foreign Christian ministers wearing Muslim skullcaps and attending prayers at a certain mosque in Petaling Jaya to establish a communal relationship with Muslims before converting them.

“I was told these international Christian groups have unlimited funds,” he told a crowd of about 2,000, a tenth of Himpunan Sejuta Umat’s (Himpun) targeted 20,000 attendess.

The coalition of Muslim NGOs has organised several such gatherings in response to the “challenge of Christianisation”.

Himpun was mooted following last year’s controversial August 3 raid by Selangor Islamic authorities on the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) in Petaling Jaya, where it was alleged that Christians were converting Muslims.

Hasan had backed the raid and said there “could be hundreds, maybe even thousands” of cases of Muslims being converted by Christians.

Last November, the former Selangor PAS chief told the Selangor Legislative Assembly that evangelical Christians are using high-tech devices such as solar-powered talking bibles to proselytise Muslims in the state.

Hasan was axed by PAS after urging opposition supporters to avoid the rally on January 9 in support of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on the day his sodomy trial verdict was handed down by the High Court here.

He had also repeatedly criticised PAS as having deviated from championing Islam






in your 3 years tenure as the State Exco what were you doing? Raiding Churches and arresting Christians for spreading their faith. Do you think the Christians will be scared by such actions? You should use your position to strengthen Muslims faith by strengthening the Islamic institutions instead. You had wasted the chances you had. What a disappointment, a 'motivator' like you could not do the right things.

Who else in this world would want to use solar powered bible. didn't this scum know that there is such thing as smartphone such as iphone or even ipad where you can download the bible anytime from the internet. I think this fella still leaving in stone age

in your own words, "Muslims in the country were vulnerable to these methods due to their lack of faith." there you go sir. that is your answer. not a christian conspiracy, but the lack of faith even though Islam is taught at every level of education, broadcast & telecast thru all govt channels and promoted through all govt departments. it is time you re-examined the implementation of the islamic policies of the govt and stop finding fault in others.

Talk without any proof is kopitiam conversation! This is not the style of any leader. If you are serious and committed to serve your God, go all the way, become undercover to trap these ministers and bring them to court. But if you are creating these stories and lied to your fellow Muslim for money & political power gain, watch out, your God is definitely after you. You can't lie to your own consciousness, it will hunt you forever.

This fellow is really a sick man lacking in his own faith. But he chooses to influence others n mindset others with hatred for fellow rakyat. He is evil n behaviour should not be emulated by any right thinking Malaysian。Please for sake of our future, please ignore him n dont give him the privilege of media exposure. Just shut him out

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