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05 December 2012

Damage to nation when ministers meddle in police work


Malaysia will be “damaged”  when  ministers interfere with police operations directly as is allegedly happening now, 
With  accused of bypassing police top brass and giving orders to the rank-and-file, warned again that such direct interference will doom the country.

Like Bersih, let only the IGP give orders. No need [for anyone else] to give orders. If the IGP’s action is wrong, let action be taken only on the IGP. Don’t give orders from the top again. The people at the bottom also have a headache on how to work..

However  it was not wrong for the home minister to intervene in police administrative matters like promotion issues or discipline because the latter was also the chairman of the Police Commission but it was not right when the interference extended to operational issues, which is the solely the purview of the IGP.

Last time it was not as frequent as now. .During the days of the previous home ministers we never were like this. But recently there have been.

If the IGP is not brave, it happens, if the IGP is bold, then it will not happenWe feel most IGPs will never follow what the ministers order done if it is not right according to the law..

The ex-IGP had last week dropped a bombshell that several ministers and politicians, including Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein had taken direct command of the police force.





So who give the order in the Bersih demonstration.........when the demo was so orderly and peaceful. BN leaders especially those from UMNO think Malaysia belongs to them or their this how BN govern the country and make the opposition & rakyat their enemies.

In Malaysia, the power of ministers are above the King, they can interfere with police operations directly and take direct command of the police force.

Damage is already done! The only remedy for the Rakyat to take is to send BN packing.

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