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17 November 2012

when a heifers is still talking...Prioritise cases involving violent crimes against women, Shahrizat tells cops....but what about misusing govt fund for cows and condos?


Speed up investigations into cases involving violence against women, including foreign nationals, to give the “correct signal”, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said today.

The Wanita Barisan Nasional (BN) chief added that such a move by the police would give a clear signal to the world that Malaysia was serious in tackling the issue.

“As Wanita BN, we view the issue of violence against women very seriously, and we would like the police to expedite investigations (regarding violence against women) and leave no stone unturned.

“All forms of violence against women are totally unacceptable in this country, and we must give the correct signal,” she told reporters after attending Wanita BN’s Deepavali event opened by Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan here today.

Shahrizat , who is also Wanita Umno chief, said this in response to two rape cases involving Indonesian women in Penang and Negeri Sembilan, which were reported recently.

She said all women, local or foreigners, who fell victims to violence, should be given equal justice in court.

On another development, Shahrizat said women were expected to become the biggest determining factor in the 13th general election.

She said this was because BN’s election machinery and the voters in the country comprised mostly women.

Meanwhile, Mohamad said the cooperation given by the party machinery, including Wanita BN, was vital for BN to win back the seats which the coalition had lost in the last general election.

“It is our aspiration, and Wanita BN’s aspiration, to work harder to win back the Teluk Kemang, Lukut, Chuah and Port Dickson seats,” he added.






An ex Minister for Women Affairs and Wanita chief has to tell the police how to do their work effectively while the Home minister and male minister in charge of Women's Affairs are silent and clueless on what to say or do .Who is in charge of what in Malaysia now ?

Why is the PM always avoiding major issues and never acted personally? He only know to launch new projects or agendas but when trouble appear, he hides in his rat hole.

Coming from a former minister of women and family, calling people to do their job when she fails as a mother...Everything is rotting, when the heads stink

I also do agree that we should speed up investigation on all the crimes but just wondering why the police moo(ve) like a cow when comes to cases involving VIP especially your family.

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