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10 November 2012

police abuse of power...a man remanded for nearly a week with no access to his family or a lawyer..


Man denies royal slur, wants cops probed for abuse of power

Ahmad (centre) speaks to reporters after lodging his police report in Petaling Jaya

The man who was charged yesterday over an alleged posting on Facebook deemed insulting to the Johor Sultan has denied the accusation and wants the police to be investigated for abuse of power, after he was remanded for nearly a week with no access to his family or a lawyer.
Ahmad Abd Jalil, 27, lodged a police report here today urging Bukit Aman to investigate its own officers for the alleged misconduct.

He was charged in a Johor Baru court yesterday under the Multimedia Communications Act and was freed on bail after pleading not guilty.

Ahmad, a quantity surveyor, was arrested at his office in Cheras on November 2 and hauled to face the Johor police for allegedly posting seditious remarks against the Johor royal house on social networking service Facebook.

But when his remand expired on Monday and a Johor magistrate declined a police application for an extension, the 27-year-old quantity surveyor was rearrested under a different law, despite protests from his family members.

He was remanded a further three days from Tuesday under Section 233 (1)(b) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 for his alleged Facebook insult against the Johor Sultan.

Section 233(1)(b) stipulates that “a person who initiates a communication using any applications service, whether continuously, repeatedly or otherwise, during which communication may or may not ensue, with or without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any person at any number or electronic address, commits an offence”.

The offence carries a maximum fine of RM50,000, or maximum one-year jail term, or both.

According to Ahmad’s lawyer on Saturday, the police had initially informed the youth that he was being investigated under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act 1948 for the offence.

“Ahmad wants the police involved in the case to be investigated for abusing their powers to search his family’s home without a warrant, and for not allowing him access to his lawyer and family,” said Ahmad’s lawyer Fadiah Nadwa Fikri today.

“We are also requesting Bukit Aman set up a special team to ensure the safety of Ahmad and his family.”

Ahmad told reporters today that he suffered emotional distress as a result of police interrogation and denial of access to legal counsel.

“When I was under detention I was not allowed to see my lawyer and family.

“Their accusations have no basis... I did not do it (insult the Johor Sultan)... I am not a criminal,” said Ahmad.





Yes, Ahmad consult your lawyer and sue the Police if they have abused their power!!!!

What is the Law Minister going to say about it??? Keep silent!!!

The cops that arrest him act in bad faith. You can't arrest somebody for 3 days to investigate a crime and did not talk to him or ask any question of him. Then when the magistrate refuse police extension to detain him they use Multimedia Act to detain him.

This is a total abuse of power and show no respect to the law of the land. It also shows that the police is on a fishing expedition and had no idea what they are arresting him for.

Law minister chilling with Michael Chia counting their riches,
aint nobody got time for this small fries

There are some areas in the City where cars are being stolen every other day but nothing is being done. Somehow the police seems to at lost of not know what to do.

lets take a wild guess here...who controls the police , macc, etc?
since you all know so its not too hard to guess who is behind all this right?

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