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20 October 2012

law of the jungle ....Government told to reopen assault probe on Nazri’s son


PKR today demanded the Home Ministry reopen the assault case involving Datuk Seri Mohamad Nazri Aziz’s son, saying it was an offence to “amicably resolve” a criminal matter.

Party vice-president N. Surendran accused Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein of showing “blatant disregard” for the country’s legal system for declaring the matter closed via such a settlement.

“It is unprecedented for the home minister to personally approve of such ‘amicable settlements’, which are against public policy and the rule of law.

“If a crime is committed, the perpetrator must be brought to court and duly charged. Under our legal system, crimes cannot be ‘amicably settled’,” Surendran (picture) said in a statement.

He added that such a settlement could amount to an offence under section 214 of the Penal Code and by approving the settlement, Hishammuddin may have abetted the allegedly illegal act.

“Was the investigation compromised simply because the case involves the son of a senior Umno minister?

“Further, what are the terms of this illegal settlement and did the settlement involve the police, Nazri Aziz or Hishammuddin?” Surendran asked.

The Home Ministry had confirmed on Wednesday that Nazri’s son Mohamad Nedim has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the assault of a condominium security guard earlier this year, saying that the case was “settled amicably” by both sides.

In a written reply to Loh Gwo-Burne (PKR-Kelana Jaya), the ministry said it was Mohamad Nedim’s former bodyguard who had assaulted the security guard in the March 20 incident and the matter has been investigated by the police.

“For the information of YB and this Dewan Rakyat, the assault of a security guard in March 2012 was actually the fault of Mohamad Nedim Nazri Aziz’s former bodyguard, and this case has been investigated under section 160 of the Penal Code.

“This case has been settled amicably by both parties,” the ministry had said.

Surendran, however, argued that the ministry’s reply was insufficient as it did not explain the outcome of the probe on Mohamad Nedim.

He pointed out that every citizen, regardless of social status, is equal before the law, saying that the assaulted security guard in this case has a right to impartial justice.

“We call upon the home minister to make a full and frank disclosure of the real facts of the case and to reopen the investigation into this assault case,” he said.

Earlier this year, opposition lawmakers had raised a hue and cry over the case involving Mohamad Nedim, accusing the authorities of covering up because of the man’s status as the son of a senior Cabinet minister.

At a press conference on April 9, Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar was forced to urge the public to “trust” the police’s decision in the matter, pointing out that surveillance videos of the alleged scuffle at a plush Mont Kiara condominium had shown that Mohamad Nedim was innocent of wrongdoing






But I doubt if the guard is still around. Many of them, if not all, are foreigners. Might have been kicked out the country and that's why it's amicably settled. Amicably to Nazri. Not so amicable to the guard... but I won't be surprised he got a nice pay-off.

Just like Dinosaur Minister's former maid....jadi hamba seks menteri perogol anak yatim

This is the reason most of us wanted UMNO kicked out from the government. I hope Najib understands our wishes, the people's wishes, as he frequently said he had.

It is hard to believe that a " Law Minister " does not understand laws, or choose not to understand laws.Perhaps, laws are not equally applied to everyone in this country.

The de facto law minister is taking the law into his own hands, abetted by the home minister!!! 

Is this a First in the country or in this region? A consequence of 1Malaysia? 

Both the ministers have committed an offence by virtue of not respecting the judiciary or even in contempt of the court. A police report against these duo should be expected. The judiciary simply cannot keep silent on this matter, whereas the attorney general cannot be allowed to go scot-free as well for his seeming complicity. 

Is this the law of the jungle we Malaysians have to put up with? Or there are two sets of laws here, one for UMNO one for the rest of the country? Malaysians demand answers

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