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09 September 2012

Stay united to support corrupted and inefficient government uhhhh....Rais the minister rapist: Malays must stay united to be strong



The Malays need to be grateful for the progress brought by the government and leaders of yesteryears, and stay united to maintain their political power, said Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

He said, for instance, the people benefited from good infrastructure in Selangor, which was built over the years by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government.

“This is the essence of the BN struggle, we are not going to take them back...but remember our efforts as they were not the opposition’s fruit of labour,” he said at the 1 Malaysia Community hari raya open house in Kampung Medan, Teluk Panglima Garang here today.

Rais (picture) said although the Malays had progressed, they must not be arrogant and forget the struggle of their forefathers, their origin and their direction.

“Why can’t we relate the good deeds done by our forefathers? Let us remind ourselves that each country was built slowly, one step at a time as the people struggled for a cause,” he said.

Rais said the Malays should unite to ensure that they do not lose their power to govern the country.

“But, if we are not aware of this, the power will slip from our hands. And we need the power to translate it into a big dream,” he said, adding that the Malays must stay united to be strong.

He said although the country’s administration was helmed by the Malays, the government championed all races, including non-Malays.






Stay united to support corrupted and inefficient government for that you UMNO/BN can profit as if you are the Emperor.

As a minister Rais Yatim draws his salary from money paid to government from all races. He now talks about unity among Malays as it other races are natural enemies of Malays.

All Malaysians must stay united as well as united through the ballot box to kick out the corrupt govt. Malaysian= 1 soul =1 voice = 1 race = 1 unity

Is MCA not part of the ruling party? How come Dr Chua does not say the Chinese should unite to ensure that they do not lose their power to govern the country? Says a lot about where MCA really stands in BN, doesn't it?

And what happened to 1Malaysia? Isn't Malaysian Unity more important than the unity of any one race?

Malay nexer lost power, only umno lost power.
Malay is not umno; umno is only small part of Malay.
Malay have better care taker like PAS and PKR.

So, pls don't continue cheat the Malay in order to stay in Power.
More infrastructure = more toll. All main benefiters are BN cronies not Malay.

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