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17 May 2012

UMNOPORNO circus come to town...Ahmad Maslan urges all Malays in DAP to quit party and join UMNO....ha ha ha...this is the bastard thinking of Ahmad Maslan...!!!



The resignation of DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Tunku Ibrahim proves that the Malays have no place in that opposition party, says Umno information chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan.

In this regard, the deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Department is calling on the small group of Malays in DAP to quit the party as it “has no respect for the other communities”.

Ahmad (picture) said he left it to Tunku Abdul Aziz if he was interested to join Umno.

Ahmad, who is also Pontian member of parliament, was speaking to reporters after welcoming the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim at Kampung Parit Puteri Menangis, here, today in conjunction with the Kembara Mahkota Johor 2012 programme.

He was commenting on Tunku Abdul Aziz’s resignation from DAP after being rebuked by the party’s top leadership for expressing dissenting views on the opposition-backed Bersih 3.0 rally recently.

He said the DAP’s action of getting a few Malays to join the party was just to give the public the impression that it was a multi-racial party.

“And although DAP is called Democratic Action Party, it does not practise democratic principles even within the party.”

He said, meanwhile, there was increasing support for the BN government from the Chinese community as they were attracted to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1 Malaysia concept.

“This was shown by the presence of about 2,000 Chinese residents in Bakri, Muar at a dinner function organised by the local Barisan Nasional leaders yesterday.

“Personally, it was a surprise for me as this (Bakri) is a DAP stronghold,” he said






when BN circus come to town,usually lots of peoples. Coz there is free transport,makan & you know why there are lots of people . voteing is another thing.ha ha.

Truth be told, more Malays from UMNO should go join PAS to walk the right path with them.

Don't try to fish in troubled waters Mazlan. Umno itself is no better, it will not tolerate differing views and has double standards, one rule for themselves and another for others..Najib says he doesn't accept minority views, but Nazri accepts with open hands the views of a small disgruntled minority who opposed the Bar Council where tlhe majority passed a resolution condemning the Police for high handedness in the Bersih Rally. He want a separate Bar Academy to oppose the Bar Council, just because a tiny minority spoke out. What double standards are you practising UMNO??

“This was shown by the presence of about 2,000 Chinese residents in Bakri, Muar at a dinner function organised by the local Barisan Nasional leaders yesterday."
This statement is not true. The dinner was charity fund-raising dinner organized by Lions Renal Centre and not organized by BN. I know coz' i was at the dinner. Lies!!!

Tunku exit has nothing to do with Malay support for DAP or Pakatan. If you are smart enough, you would have known that Tunku being elevated to Vice Chair and senator have not shown any significant contribution.

Malays are no longer being fooled by your dumb propaganda where everything is tied to the Malays. The modern day Malays know that their very own survival in the future is in jeopardy with thieves pillaging the country for over 50 years already.

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