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09 May 2012

do not surrender ....later be the black sheep of the police...own gang police thugs did not taken actions


see in this video ... looks like a police dog  defence  their own's gangster

Participants of the Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28 who are wanted by police have been given one week to surrender.

Bukit Aman Crime Investigation Department (CID) Director, Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin, said starting next Wednesday, the police will begin making house calls to arrest the culprits.

Police have also established a task force comprising officers and staff to track those involved in the rally organised by non-governmental organisations (NGOs), he told a press conference at Kuala Lumpur police headquarters here today.

He said that all 129 rally participants whose photographs were distributed via the media should surrender themselves to a police station accompanied by their respective lawyers.

Of the 141 participants whose photographs were published in the media, only 12 have been arrested so far. Of the number, eight were charged while the rest were released.

Bakri said police have opened 43 investigation papers involving the rally with 22 of them on public reports against the police and 21 reports against the rally.

“The police will conduct a fair and thorough investigation based on each report made,” he added.

Members of the public with information on those wanted can contact the nearest police station or KL police CID officer ASP Azmi Aziz at 019-2602344. — Bernama






What about the uniformed gangsters. ? What a warped sense of Barisan justice.! ABU. !!

the policemen are the culprit as well. why didn't they do the same to themselves.

what about police beating protestors. They should be charged as well. they can be easily identified from you tube. Do the right thing.

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