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18 April 2012

Disgusting scandal like chua soi lek... ....UMNO-BN minister paid actress RM1.5m in three-year ‘intimacy’



PKR claimed today a federal minister has been involved in an “intimate relationship” with an actress, resulting in payments to her of over RM1.5 million across the last three years. The minister and the actress have previously denied any ties to each other.

Rumours of their alleged affair began to swirl once more today after PKR lawmakers produced a police report by one Noor Azman Azemi who claimed the minister hired him to be the actress’ personal driver to allow him to “monitor her movements” since 2009.

Noor Azman said he went to the Ampang police station on March 13 after being accused by the actress earlier that month of absconding with over RM200,000.

According to Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin, Noor Azman’s relative came to her with the police report which states that the minister gave the actress between RM100,000 and RM200,000 every time they met “secretly in hotels around Kuala Lumpur each week.”

The 38-year-old, who claims to be a widower, said in the report that the minister and the actress had “an intimate relationship with one another and I was the trusted middleman.”

The Wanita PKR chief added that the actress had received RM58,000 last October, RM112,000 in November and RM330,000 in December, as well as RM510,000 in January this year.

“Reading the report, I believe their intimate relationship has been going on longer than three years, so imagine how much (the minister) has spent,” PKR political bureau member and Subang MP R Sivarasa told a press conference.

The PKR MPs have given the minister seven days to address the allegations and explain how he could afford to part with such large sums of money. Efforts to contact the minister have been unsuccessful thus far.

Noor Azman wrote that he had lodged the report because he found out via news reports that the actress had lodged a false police report against him.

He accused the actress of doing so because she was unhappy about his resignation and wanted to avoid being rebuked by the minister.

The father of two added in the police report that he resigned at the end of February as he could not take the pressure of working for the minister which involved reporting the actress’ movements whenever the minister was abroad.

He also said the minister did not pay his Employees Provident Fund (EPF) contributions.






What is RM1.5m compared to RM500m in submarine commission alone, plus many other which are covered up......

The country is run by ministers who are thinking between the legs than the ears. How can the country progress when they are more interested in chasing skirts using our money? Vote them all out this coming GE/

This is just one of the perks to be a minister in malaysia...the rakyat pay for his extravagance and pleasure...

when exposed to them ... fear to mention their identity....when exposed to opposition...speed like brock

Wow....Filipinos with Malaysian ICs who also back up to be UMNO VPs and Malaysian Ministers sure earn a lot of money.....

So where are the real Malaysians ...the kind who had to fight the Japs, get rid of the Brits and fight the communists ....mana semua?????

No wonder they are not prepared to declare their assets to the public. I supposed many of them have lots of hidden assets. Otherwise how to pay this kind of money.

That is why BN ministers are laughing at their counterparts across the border. Why you need big pay check and get taxed for it. BN MPs pay minimal tax but can afford million dollar mansions around the world. That is why Singapore MPs got no brains.

Yes they will all be there ...on April 28th 2012 to take back the country they lost to UMNO.....

This is just one of the many scandals among the ministers. Wonder who is the lucky actress? The minister must be very, very rich in order to have this lifestyle. Come to think of it, maybe the minister's wife is not aware of her husband relationship with the actress. Worst, maybe the minister has never given that big amount of monies to her. I am very sure this minister is fooling around with women be it locally or abroad. The power of MONEY. I salute PKR for sharing this alleged relationship.

And now the poor rakyat should be thankful for the BR1Ms RM 500?That Rm500 is chicken feed to the ministers while he have to struggle to put a decent meal on the table.Where does this ministers or MPs get the money to spend lavishly?

It seems that UMNO leaders have so much weak spots for women.Even as politicians their love priority is not country and people but women.Funny thing is there are so many UMNO Sabah leaders falling for actresses and vice versa.

Its never going to end for UMNO.....beginning of the end.....payback time...

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