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03 December 2011

An undercurrent in Umno grows against Shahrizat over cattle scandal




When Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil closed the Wanita Umno general assembly on Wednesday, it appeared as if she had successfully deflected blame from herself over the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) controversy.

But it is believed that the cheers from the standing ovation that greeted her were mixed with silent jeers of disgust from the senior minister’s detractors, many of whom are rallying for her resignation.

Several senior Wanita leaders said Shahrizat (picture) had become a “liability” to Umno and should exit the limelight before the NFC scandal “destroys us all”.

But they said most delegates were “too afraid” to speak against their chief for fear of losing their posts in the party.

“She (Shahrizat) is using Wanita Umno to protect her but the issue (NFC) is not a Wanita (Umno) issue but a personal one involving her and her family.

“As a Wanita Umno member, I am very disappointed. A lot of us are disappointed... why drag Umno into this issue?” said one Wanita Umno delegate from Perak.

She added that she had remained seated when the sea of red-clad delegates rose to applaud Shahrizat during her winding-up speech.

She said Shahrizat should have explained the issue to delegates instead of fishing for support by claiming the scandal was merely a ploy by the opposition to weaken Wanita Umno.

“Do not forget, the first person to expose the issue about NFC’s weaknesses was the Auditor-General, not the opposition. So why attack the opposition to hide your own weakness?” she pointed out.

Shahrizat has been making headlines in recent weeks over the NFC controversy after its operations, run by a company owned by her husband, were described in the Auditor-General’s Report for 2010 as being “in a mess”.

But instead of explaining the issue, the minister chose instead to deflect blame from her by saying it had nothing to do with her. She also countered the opposition’s calls for her resignation by calling on PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to quit.

Shahrizat reportedly earned wild support from members during her speech, with one Kelantan Umno leader even calling the opposition “cattle” for raising the NFC scandal.

“But a lot of Wanita Umno members do not know the issue of the NFC... that is why they rose to support her. They do not know the issue.

“Wanita Umno, they are all like that,” the Perak delegate said with a sigh.

A senior Wanita Umno leader even advised The Malaysian Insider to “speak in private” to party delegates, many of whom she said would agree that Shahrizat should face the music for her alleged involvement in the NFC.

“Come on, they understand. It is your husband, so what do you mean it has nothing to do with you? If you were not a minister do you think your husband would have gotten the project?

“Who knows him from Adam?” she said.

Asked if Shahrizat was now viewed as a “liability” to Umno, both leaders agreed.

“Of course she is. Some are saying to PM — please do not have the election after the Chinese New Year because this NFC issue will not die… it will not be forgotten within this one or two months.


Shahrizat have not answered or tackle the issue. She don't know what to say. It was not the opposition who brought up this issue , it was the AG . However she must explain. How come she is saying , I have nothing to do with case. Don't tell me she does't know a soft loan was given to her family. Is she staying some way else or with her family? The wanita ummo delegates are giving a big plause for her speech not knowing what she is talking. Hand up for the perak delegate who brought this issue. You must be brave women. You must be in opposition camp for the rights of malaysia. Vote shahrizat out.

No one in the leadership including the component spineless parties have the guts or moral fibre to actively support calls for the pirate's resignation and take criminal proceedings against her. Why? Is there not a danger that she would then turn the tables against them for their own wrongdoings? Even the self proclaimed holiest of them will have to account for the C4 unleashed upon a pregnant woman. Welcome to the land ruled by pirates, thiefs and murderers and their families. They will win again for sure through any despicable means including use of force and deciet only to rape the nation over and over until the nation is dead. The criminals will never be brought to justice.

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