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16 December 2011

PAS prepares for life after Hasan, Nasharudin


traitor of islam and PR

PAS has begun explaining its stand to members over top leaders Nasharudin Mat Isa and Datuk Hasan Ali’s move to get closer to Umno, believing the duo could defect to the ruling Malay party before the next general election.

The party’s information unit is preparing a 30-minute video clip of secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali explaining the background and circumstances that have led to both Nasharudin and Hasan expressing support for unity talks with Umno. PAS has flatly refused for such a union since Election 2008.

The Malaysian Insider understands that Nasharudin, who lost his deputy presidency in party polls this year, has not attended any central committee meetings despite being appointed as head of the international affairs sub-committee. The sub-committee is now led by its deputy chairman Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar.

“PAS is already explaining to its members the issues as it expects the two leaders to move to Umno. If we can save them, we will but they have to make their stand clear,” a PAS source told The Malaysian Insider.

“But they could go and there is a feeling it will happen soon,” he added.

Hasan says he will work with any party that pushes the Malay-Muslim agenda.
Another source said the party will distribute the video clip featuring Mustafa’s explanation to all members soon.

Harakah TV has already put up a 5-minute clip of an interview with Mustafa discussing Nasharudin and Hasan’s support for unity talks with Umno in their statements to Umno-linked Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian, saying both leaders were being used to undermine the Islamist party.

“Whether they realise it or not, they are being trapped in the agenda of PAS’s political enemy,” Mustafa told Harakahdaily during the interview aired two days ago.

He said there would be “minimal effects” from Umno’s advances to the duo, adding their statements were not in the interest of PAS.

“In the past, we had experienced the loss of our president, but it was not followed by exodus of members, because they subscribed to principles, not to individuals,” said the secretary-general, who once served as a deputy minister during PAS’s brief alliance with Barisan Nasional in 1977.

It is understood that he was referring to the late Datuk Mohd Asri Muda, who resigned as PAS president in 1983 to form a splinter party, before joining Umno in 1988.

There has been speculation that Hasan would be dropped as a candidate after he failed to get enough nominations from PAS members to defend his Gombak Setia state seat.

Umno newspapers have been giving wide coverage to Hasan, who is a Selangor state executive councillor, and quoted him as saying that he was prepared to take up an offer from Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak to mediate efforts to bring the country’s two largest political entities together.


dog's father...the traitor of islamic and the people

Hasan, who was previously Selangor PAS commissioner, had also denied that he would leave PAS, saying he would be loyal as long as Islamic principles and the Malay rulers were upheld.






Pakatan is getting stronger than in 2008. The states governments under Pakatan are doing very well socially and economically. New ideas and ways of doing things are introduced and well received by the people. Despite the constant suppression by the federal government many of the promises in the election manifestos are being implemented with success. We can see how BN is now trying their level best to outdo the Pakatan's programmes and projects. May be as Pakatan politicians there are not many avenues to enrich the politicians and cronies. If these two seasoned politicians decide to leave Pakatan now their gain is just short because the people generally are ready to hand over Putrajaya to Pakatan.

Defend Islam and Royalty from what? It is all make up stories to champion himself. If you understand the constitution and the majority of the population are malays, what is there to defend? The only thing that Islam needs to be defended are those who call themselves muslims and are downright corrupted and liars and some of them are the politicians in umno.

If Hasan Ali wants to support UMNO's deviationist teaching in which corruption, fraud, slander and racism are somehow allowed, let him. Supporters of this deviant "Islam" do not belong in PAS.

PAS must expel them from the party.. They are really trouble makers for PAS to get closer to DAP. They do not live to the spirit of Pakatan.

this two are only of value to UMNO if they remain in PAS....try sacking them from PAS and they will straight away become from hero to zero within seconds....AGAIN no one is indispensable but the party will forever remain.....PAS you have nothing to lose..

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