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25 December 2011

dismissal of this UMNO dog's ... finished the story...Hasan denies meeting Umno leaders, says Mustafa did so



Datuk Hasan Ali denied today claims that the meeting he and Nasharudin Mat Isa had with three other persons at Le Meridien hotel here had anything to do with Umno.

Instead, the PAS leader charged that party secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali was the one who met leaders from the rival party.

“I did not meet anyone linked to Umno and our discussion had nothing to do with PAS or Umno. Absolutely nothing to do with PAS or Umno,” he (gambar) told reporters at his residence here today.

The PAS central committee member, however, declined to reveal the identity of the people involved in the meeting as “they would not be comfortable with that”.

Mustafa said on Thursday Hasan and Nasharudin had met with at least three individuals in August before the duo launched attacks against PAS.

He had also made a thinly-veiled threat to expose details of the meeting should Hasan refuse to cease his offensive against the Islamist party.

Selangor executive councillor Hasan and former deputy president Nasharudin have criticised the party for deviating from its Islamic agenda in interviews with Umno-linked Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian.

Hasan has also been featured almost nightly on TV3, criticising the party that removed him as Selangor PAS chief after its general assembly in June.

But Hasan said today turned the tables on Mustafa, claiming the latter was the one who most frequently met with Umno leaders.

“In fact, there’s been a request from the secretary-general himself for a meeting with a top leader from Umno that I understand has yet to be held,” he said.

Hasan also challenged Mustafa to show proof he had met up with Umno-linked individuals and urged the PAS leadership to investigate the claims.

He added that he was happy to explain the meeting to PAS leaders at any time “for the sake of peace and to find a point of convergence”.


This Hassan is an agent of Umno Baru. The whole of the Pakatan leadership should take note of his actions. The non-malays ........ non-muslims have been here even before he was born. He is trying his best to create divisions among the populace ...........which will lead to unrest . It appears he has the support of extremists in Umno who also believe in divide and rule ....... but clever enough to talk of National unity. The invitation , from Ibrahim Ali for him to join Perkasa , speaks volumes to any intelligent citizen.

the longer the mole stay in PAS, the more harm & sabotage PAS gonna suffer!!! Remove the mole immediately!!!

Dear PAS Leaders,

Please kick out this Hassan Ali immediately who is indeed an UMNO mole or trojan horse in PAS. He will destroy PAS and Pakatan Rakyat eventually if nothing is done now....

The moment PAS specifically mentioned his name.
It means the fella will be dropped off .
Hasan can kiss good bye to his seat .
PAS have never hide their intentions before .
For PAS , Islam comes first before anything else.
Hasan can go join perkasa and apno

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