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29 October 2011

UMNO thugs job...Aziz Bari receives bullet, death threat



Controversial International Islamic University (UIA) professor Abdul Aziz Bari received a bullet this morning with a death threat warning him not to disrespect the Selangor Sultan who he allegedly criticised.

The constitutional law expert told  that he received an envelope containing a bullet and a note saying “Jangan kurang ajar dengan Sultan, maut nanti (don’t be rude with the Sultan, you may die later)” at his Bandar Baru Selayang home around 11.45am this morning.

“I have a function in Ipoh, I will make a police report later,” he said, adding that he would speak with his lawyer first.

However, when contacted at about 12.45pm, Aziz’s lawyer Zulqarnain Lukman said he has not been able to contact his client.

Aziz, whose suspension for allegedly attacking Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah was lifted by UIA on Sunday, has said he is “expecting charges very soon” for sedition after police completed investigations on Monday.

UIA suspended the professor last week after he said the Ruler’s intervention in the raid on Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) in August was “unusual and inconsistent.”

Aziz’s statement caused a furore among Barisan Nasional (BN) MPs in Parliament, who urged that action be taken against the don.

He has chosen not to apologise for his remarks even after a police report was lodged against him, insisting he had not meant to challenge the Sultan and was only fulfilling his role as an academic.

Hundreds of UIA students gathered at the university’s Gombak campus last week to demand the lecturer’s reinstatement.

Aziz’s colleagues and lecturers from other universities as well as Opposition leaders have also backed the academic.




Only UMNO got gangster ...Just look at the pattern. Whenever there is an issue that is against the perscribe "UMNO script," someone gets a bullet.
So easy to find bullets in Malaysia, eh? Also, what happened to Pos Malaysia? Don't they scan their mail? Or did the Mat Rempits know where Prof. Aziz lives? Who can find out his home address?
Just think about it?

Only Malays not in line with interest of ruling party will see their freedom of speech is suppressed. But if you are in Perkasa, you can bash anyone not supporting ruling party rudely and ruthlessly. When UMNO and Mahathir running all over the country to punish Royal Institution and pushing parliament to withdraw "immunity Raja-Raja", no one take police reports on him and UMNO and no one sending letter with bullet in it, warning him not to kurang ajar with Sultan. Aziz Bahari only gives his academic opinion on certain issue and he got death threats..hello, Malaysia, we have progress so much in this modern and civilized world and yet the government is using high handed tactics to scare the Rakyat for being indifferent.

let's lodge this with UN. We need their help to free Malaysia. If anthing happrnd Prof Aziz, BN will be accountable. It is easy to trace whose bullet as gun is not easily available in Malaysia.

and I think the malaysia police is involved with the work of thugs like this ...Because what I said every time over cases like this ... no one in the arrest

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