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17 August 2011

Liow ‘very poor minister’ for not releasing Tung Shin report


DAP publicity chief Tony Pua called Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai a “very poor health minister” for not releasing an overdue report on the use of tear gas and water cannon outside Tung Shin Hospital in the July 9 Bersih rally.

Pua pointed out that the public has “not heard a single sound” from the health minister since the latter announced on July 21 that his ministry would complete the report on the incident within two weeks.

“Four weeks later, we have heard absolutely nothing from the minister. I think it’s a total cop out,” Pua told reporters at DAP headquarters here today.The Petaling Jaya Utara MP was one of the thousands of Bersih rally demonstrators near the hospital on the fateful day.

“He doesn’t dare admit the truth, he has no courage to admonish the police, and I think he makes a very poor health minister as a result.”

Liow (picture) announced on July 14 that his ministry would set up a committee to look into allegations that police fired tear gas and water cannon into the Tung Shin Hospital compound to flush out Bersih protesters who sought refuge there during the chaotic July 9 rally.

He later said the committee, headed by Health Ministry secretary-general Kamarul Zaman Mohd Isa, would look into whether the safety of the hospital was compromised.

Liow, who is also MCA deputy president, has drawn flak from many quarters for denying that the police fired into the hospital despite photo and video evidence suggesting otherwise.

Police have denied firing tear gas and water cannons at Tung Shin, claiming tear gas fired outside the hospital was blown into its compound by the wind.


Just what has Liow done for the Malaysian Health system? I have to say that he is not only a weak minister, but, the worst health minister Malaysia ever had.

I was shocked to see the kinds of medicines, imitation cosmetics, cosmetics without brands, example, nail polish without brands being freely sold in pasar malams and wholesale shops. Just who is responsible for putting the above in our markets? Malaysians had never seen this menace, before, but, now it is so wide and large and the Health Ministry cannot say it does not know, the presence of medicines that dangerous to the health of the users, or the case of imitation cosmetics, they are so rampant, you just cannot believe it!!!!! And unbranded cosmetics? Just how can a cosmetic without brand be freely available in the markets and shops in the country? Has the Health Ministry approved the said practise? Surely, these cosmetics are not meant to cater to Malaysians, but, Malaysians being expose to such products will be tempted to buy them because of the cheap prices thus compromising on their own health, a problem created by the health minister and his ministry.

Malaysians, let us vote out BN in PRU 13! It is so hopeless, it is more interested in politickings than doing its jobs! A fish rots at its head, so says, the ex head of MCA, now facing corruption charges in the courts of law, and the health ministry is clearly rotting, under the rotten to the core MCA and liow tiong lai

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