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08 January 2010

Collapse of Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium due to design and materials used

The major cause for dramatic collapsed of the roof of RM292 million Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium has been identified – failure by design and materials used. Works Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said other contributing factors including rush for development as well as lack of supervision in the construction site.

The report was produced by 10 independent investigators appointed by the Ministry. It was discussed and reported during Cabinet Minister meeting while copies of the report have also been submitted to Terengganu state government and Attorney-General office.

Shaziman said the department hopes that Terengganu state government can utilize the report and take subsequent action to settle the matter.


The excuse givens are sheer stupidility. When any products fails perform, there 3 factors involved

a) poor materials used
b) poor engineering/design fault
c) poor skill workers/ poor workmanship (lack of staff trainings/supervision)

The excuse given are design failure, material failure, rush developement and under-supervised

Rush developement does not affect the material used. With the RM 292 millions, i believed the money are sufficient to but good materials. Unless corruptions are heavily involved and the developers are forced to used very cheap materials. Design failure and undersupervised are totally unacceptable. I wonder how did the civil engineer got their cert or is this BN policy by putting "nonsense people" who do not know their work.

You should start checking all the government's buildings.

WRONG POLICY OF UMNO ARE THE CAUSED. PLEASE ADMIT THAT : The job was given to UNQUALIFIED PEOPLE. if Mamak Bin Tak Malu was inside the stadium when the buillding is collapse,then perhaps Umno will change for better........agree ?

That is also the sign the uncapable BN government will collapse soon. I believed less than RM200k was spent on that project but where are the balance of money gone too. Check the instant rich YBs, government officer responsible for supervising the project, do you deny that your men are not at fault?
The malay proverbs "Lontar batu sembunyikan tangan". That is why the sultan did not consent to the reappointment of Idris jusoh as MB for he is farsighted and knew all along that something is not right during his tenure. Now BN leaders is trying to bring down Ahmad Said. The controversial ambulance driver appointed to head the GLC now is much wiser than Idris eventhough he may not have high education.

Sub standard construction by the government's main contractors are not a surprise at all in Malaysia. Poor management and construction by these contractors is the name of the game. Taxpayers money have been skimmed at many levels until the cost of materials used is low grade and poor quality. The underlying problem is always corruption and incompetence. What you get is a dangerous building waiting to fall on top of the people who use it. Why do you need to have 10 monkeys to investigate what we all know already.

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